The Engineering Systems division educates students for future leadership positions in the analysis, design, management and implementation of complex engineering systems including system design, risk, project management, change management, system ergonomics etc.

Our courses primarily serve programmes such as Industrial Engineering Management (MSc) and Design & Innovation (BSc & MSc) with fundamental and advanced courses on designing, managing and guiding engineering systems. Most courses are open to all study programmes across DTU.

We develop and deliver educational material at Bachelor, Master’s, PhD and Executive levels. The material is informed by research conducted in the group.   




Undergraduate / Bachelor:

42042 Participatory Systems Design

42429 Project Management [3-week]

42430 Project Management

Graduate / Master's:

42090 Holistic Design of Engineering Systems

42084 Engineering Systems Ergonomics

42543 Management of Change in Engineering Systems

42433 Advanced Engineering Project, Program and Portfolio Management

42286 Planning and Management in Construction

42171 System Safety and Reliability Engineering  

42172 Risk and Decision-Making

Contribution to 42490 Technology, Economics, Management and Organisation (TEMO)

Post-graduate / PhD: 

42702 Research and PhD-studies at DTU Management Engineering

42715 Publishing in Engineering Management Journals. Download course description for publication seminar here

Continuing education:

Contribution to Project Management in Networks (PiN)